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Sea of Stars #11

Sea of Stars #11 is an absolute treasure of a comic, and deserves bountiful praise. Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum bring the book’s characters and the lore that propels this cosmic tale full circle, and at the center of all of it stands the unlikeliest of families and heroes. There are entire series that don’t toy with one’s emotions as much as this one issue, and you will assuredly be swept away with the otherworldly artwork from Stephen Green and Rico Renzi, with swaths of beautiful blues, purples, greens, and pinks filling every inch of real estate. Sea of Stars #11 is everything you want in a finale, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Matthew Aguilar – ComicBook.com

Sea of Stars #5

Sea of Stars #5 is brimming with tension and the story moves forward at a great pace. I continue to be impressed with the scale and scope of this series and the wonderfully dense and complicated world that Aaron and Hopeless are creating.

Deron Generally – Super Powered Fancast

Spider-Woman #1

There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with this issue. Seriously. The flashbacks were inserted naturally and were perfectly placed to illustrate how Jessica got to where she is now. The real story was watching this fearless hero adjust to being “normal,” which is what she was striving for when she left The Avengers. I’m reading many series right now, but Jessica Drew is the character I feel I know the best. Understand the most. That’s all due to Hopeless’ own handle on who this woman is.

Nina Perez – Project Fandom

Spider-Woman #4

Spider-Woman #4 is an exhilarating end to the pregnancy arc. There’s a little bit of everything a good superhero comic needs in #4 – action, heartwarming moments, and comedy. One of Spider-Woman’s biggest strengths is that it’s different than any other superhero comic coming out right now. So, if you’re looking for excitement and a superhero with a phenomenal ensemble cast, this is the comic you should be adding to your pull list.

Jaleh Najafali – Amazing Spider-Talk

Heart Eyes #1

Heart Eyes is a wonderful new post-apocalyptic story full of engaging characters and eye-popping visuals. Ibanez’s monster designs are enormous and detailed, lending authenticity to the destruction. While the protagonist Lupe’s fearless and trusting perspective gives this world of death and hysteria a beacon of hope. Hopeless and Ibanez make an intoxicating blend of dystopia, sci-fi horror, and human drama.

Hank Rea – Lotus Land Comics

Heart Eyes #1

Heart Eyes #1 is a journey into a deeply intriguing Lovecraftian monster apocalypse brought to life with beautifully detailed and colored art that hums with just the right balance of human emotion, supernatural drama and mystery. Hopeless does an excellent job with the human interaction in the book. There’s an excellent organic feel to the dialogue which is laced with a healthy dose of unease that plays in the back of your mind as you read. It sinks its hooks into you and makes you want more.

Ross Hutchinson – Comic-Watch


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